Oil Filters And Crusher

  • Buy Oil Filter Crushers | MileX Equipment, Inc.

    Buy Oil Filter Crushers | MileX Equipment, Inc.

    MileX Equipment, Inc. carries a variety of Oil Filter Crushers. We've got both Air Operated Oil Filter Crushers as well as Electric Operated Oil Filter Crushers. We also carry accessories including Oil Filter Crusher stands, Drum Dollies and wall bracket stands.

  • Use Oil Filter Crushers to Crush Your Way to Savings | For ...

    Use Oil Filter Crushers to Crush Your Way to Savings | For ...

     · Oil filter crushers such as this one from Bendpak are designed to flatten oil filters and squeeze out all but the last traces of engine sludge and oil. Here, an oil filter can be crushed .

  • Automotive Oil Filter Crusher

    Automotive Oil Filter Crusher

    filters, or containers of flammable liquids such as solvents or paint thinners. • Do not stack oil filters inside the crushing chamber. • Do not open the shield until the cycle is complete and the unit shuts off. Do not remove or modify the shield. • Remove the crushed filter carefully.

  • Oil Filter Crushers

    Oil Filter Crushers

    Oil Filter Crushers Paint Can Crushers Ranger. Rangers premium line of heavyduty oil filter crushers are designed to quickly and efficiently reduce even your toughest cans and oil filters to at least 25 of their original sizes in seconds, removing 95 of the sludge trapped that leftover metal for scrap and make a tidy profit out of the oil waste.

  • Electric oil filter crusher

    Electric oil filter crusher

    The Solutex model MG15TFL oil filter crusher has a 15 tonne force and an oil collection can to provide an easy way to compact used oil filters. The unit is easy to install and simple to operate and includes a drain with hose connection for collecting residual oils. Standard voltage is 230 volt single phase with 3 phase power available as an option.

  • P300 | Industrial Diesel Products Inc.

    P300 | Industrial Diesel Products Inc.

    Oberg High Capacity Truck Heavy Equipment, Industrial Oil Filter Crusher. The Oberg Model P300 provides more crushing force than any competitor, crushing oil filters up to 20" tall, multiple smaller filters simultaneously, and oily shop rags. The large crushing chamber also allows crushing five gallon paint cans into thin wafers.

  • gray oil filter crusher

    gray oil filter crusher

    Gray Oil Can Crushers Ohio Power Tool. Gray Fluid Handlers Oil Can Crushers Height range of the bottle jack is 1014 to 20 The air inlet fitting is 14 NPT with a working PSI of 110120 The crusher compresses most automotive and light truck filters (6 L x 4 diameter) to just 14 of their original size and removes 90% of the oil from predrained filters The

  • Truck Oil Filter Crusher

    Truck Oil Filter Crusher

    Truck Oil Filter Crusher GRAY #QP160. Help save the planet, crush fuel and oil filters. Save the oil for recycling and sell the steel for scrap. Charge customers for the service and it's a win, win. Gives fast payback on investment. Made bullet proof by Gray USA so you know the quality is superb. Finished in steel grey powder coated enamel.

  • P200L


    The Oberg Model P200L is the most popular oil filter crusher model for crushing heavy duty truck filters. The P200L accepts filters up to 16" tall and crushes multiple automotive size filters simultaneously. Crushed filters are deposited through a trap door in the rear of the crushing chamber directly into a 55 gallon transport drum that can ...

  • lincoln oil filter crushers

    lincoln oil filter crushers

    Lincoln oil filter crusher, shop tool for crushing used oil filters 500 (Front Royal) Used Lincoln oil filter crusher. Used very little, has some surface rust because it got wet from leaking roof. It works perfectly, commercial garages are required to squeeze the oil from filters before disposing of them and this is the tool for the job.

  • The massively powerful RP20FC Oil Filter Crusher from Ranger crushes, flattens filters using 20 tons of hydraulic pressure and then drains the refuse, nice and tidy, into a storage drum. An inexpensive and convenient system constructed from welded steel plate, the RP20FC Oil Filter / Can Crushers are designed to be the first and last crushers you ever have to buy.

  • Oil Filter Crusher

    Oil Filter Crusher

    GraY oil Filter crushers Featured Products Oil Filter Crusher SYQP100 • 100% air operated for speed and low maintenance • No hydraulic pumps or electric motors to service • 11 tons of crushing force at 200 psi • Removes up to 95% of used oil and crushes filters to 20% . Return Document

  • Recycling Used Oil Filters

    Recycling Used Oil Filters

    Oil Filter Crushers and the Environment: The EPA has Tough Regulations about their Disposal. Print this article as a PDF. If you work in or own an auto repair shop, you likely find yourself burdened with hundreds, sometimes thousands of oil filters every year, all of them filled with sludge and used engine oil.

  • Crushers | Oil filter crusher | Reclaim oil | Onsite ...

    Crushers | Oil filter crusher | Reclaim oil | Onsite ...

    Oil filter crushers. Crushers are designed to help minimise on site disposal costs, promote workplace safety and to protect the surrounding environment from any industrial waste contamination. Oil filter crushers have been developed to allow operators to reduce waste and to cleverly reclaim the remaining oil from inside filters.

  • Buy Oil Filter Crushers Online | Landmark Tools

    Buy Oil Filter Crushers Online | Landmark Tools

    Buy Oil Filter Crushers Direct and save. If someone told you decades ago that you'd be crushing oil filters as an act of recycling, you probably wouldn't have believed them. But since our planet is running out of resources, recycling isn't a luxury anymore, and oil filters are no exception.

  • Oil Filter Crusher

    Oil Filter Crusher

    The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Oil Filter Crusher will quickly and efficiently reduce the volume of used oil filters and paint cans and remove any residual trapped inside. PEL OIL FILTER CRUSHER. The PEL Oil Filter Crusher reduces waste automotive oil filter and paint can volumes by up to 5:1 and saves on resultant disposal costs.

  • Oil Filter Crushers

    Oil Filter Crushers

    Oil filter crushers are machines that press the oil filter can under high pressure and force the oil out quickly. The spent oil is collected in a chamber for easy recycling or to be used in a wasteoil heater. The filter is crushed into a hockeypuck sized piece of metal .

  • Best Quality oil filter crushers

    Best Quality oil filter crushers

    Oil Filter Crusher with Air/Hydraulic Pump visit for more information Model OFC10 Pressure 10 metric ton Diameter 240 mm Stroke 300 mm Power supply air/hydraulic pump ARP98 series Input air pressure 90140 psi / 610 bar Usable oil capacity 98 cu. in/min Oil drain tray for used filters Safety feature filter hatch air line cutoff 64 kg

  • MC100 Oil filter crusher

    MC100 Oil filter crusher

    About MC100 Oil filter crusher. Quick, at 1015 second cycle time, and strong, with 10t crushing force, the MC1000 is a versatile and durable unit that removes approximately 95% of excess oil saving you time and money. Fast cycle time. Quiet to operate. Only 3 moving parts.